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Graciosa Island is the smallest and northernmost of the central group of the Azores archipelago, with an area of about 60.66 square kilometres, and the one with lower altitudes, reaching its maximum altitude at 405 metres in Caldeira.

Graciosa is elongated according to a NO-SE direction (northwest-southeast), with a maximum length of 12.6 kilometres and a maximum width of 8 kilometres. The latitude and the longitude of Graciosa are 39° 26’ 26’’ N and 31° 13’ 9’’ W.

It has only one county, Santa Cruz da Graciosa, and four parishes (Guadelupe, Luz, São Mateus and Santa Cruz da Graciosa), with a population of about 4300 inhabitants and a higher ageing index and longevity than the regional and national average.

The climate is conditioned by the reduced area and altitude of the island, and the temperature ranges are also low. The relative humidity is high and the annual average temperatures range between 13 °C in winter and 22 °C in summer.

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