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Faial is located at the western end of the central group of the Azores.

Its morphology suggests an irregular pentagon with an area of ​​173.8 square kilometres and its highest point is located in an altitude of 1043 metres in Cabeço Gordo (edge ​​of the Caldeira).

The island is 21 kilometres long in the direction east-west and has a maximum width of 14 kilometres. It is separated from the Pico Island by a narrow inlet of about 8.3 kilometres wide (4.5 nautical miles), known as Canal Faial-Pico (water channel).

The latitude and the longitude of Faial are 38° 34’ 37’’ N and 28° 42’ 10’’ W. It has only one county, Horta county, and 13 parishes: Angústias, Conceição, Matriz, Flamengos, Feteira, Castelo Branco, Capelo, Praia do Norte, Cedros, Salão, Ribeirinha, Pedro Miguel and Praia do Almoxarife; with resident population of about 15 thousand inhabitants.

It has a maritime climate, with annual average temperatures between 13 °C in winter and 22 °C in summer and a relative humidity, on average, above 79%.

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