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Caldeira Velha Environmental Interpretation Centre

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The Caldeira Velha Environmental Interpretation Centre is a structure dedicated to the promotion of the natural heritage of the Caldeira Velha´s area, classified as a Natural Monument.

The building has, among other aspects, the main purpose of promoting the particular environmental values, allowing the visitor to discover in loco the particularities of this point of interest and acting as a complementary space of informal education. At the same time, it offers a wide network of resources and promotes a touristic component.

It is also possible to enjoy four thermal pools at the Natural Monument.

Concentrated in a space surrounded by the natural landscape, the building is noteworthy for being an “object stamped on the landscape”, which adapts to the existing vegetation and rocks, granting it an organic image, consistent with the space.

The interpretative exhibition leads the visitor into a voyage through the volcanic origin of the islands, highlighting the Fogo Volcano formation and the Caldeira Velha Natural Monument, regarding its biodiversity, geodiversity, geothermal and thermal resources. It also provides general information about the Nature Park and the geosites (emphasising the ones located at Ribeira Grande).

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