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Furnas Monitoring and Research Centre

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The Furnas Monitoring and Research Centre (CMIF) was created with the purpose of disseminating the history and evolution of the Furnas Volcano and the intervention of the Landscape Laboratory in the protection and recovery of ecosystems in the protected landscape area.

The CMIF won the "Premio Internazionale di Pietra Architetture 2011 - XII edizione" award and it was a finalist of SECIL Prize in 2013. It was the cover of the Spanish publication "El Croquis" and a prominent target in some architectural websites. In 2016, won the "Tour Operator of the Year for São Miguel" in the "Holiday & Tour Specialist Awards" category of the Luxury Guide Awards and, in 2017, won the “Luxury Travel & Hospitality Awards 2018” in the “Learning Experience” category.

CMIF functions as an observatory and integrated centre for knowledge dissemination, playing an important role in the translation of scientific information to a language able of captivating visitors for a better understanding of the particularities of local geodiversity, biodiversity, hydrology and culture.

It includes an auditorium for workshops and seminars and a large covered area used for exhibitions that, through interactive mechanisms, tools, multimedia platforms and guided visits, allows visitors to discover the history of the Furnas Volcano, the lagoon ecosystem and the Landscape Laboratory.

In addition, there are adjacent outdoor areas, including picnic and contemplation areas and a large green space with a privileged view over the lagoon, where visitors can enjoy the scenery and perform leisure activities.

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