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Furnas Environmental Interpretation Centre

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The Furnas Environmental Interpretation Centre (CIAF) was created to disseminate the history and evolution of the Furnas Volcano, with an approach to biodiversity, geodiversity and natural and cultural heritage, the formation of the Azores and especially the island of São Miguel, as well as the Furnas Lake Land Development and Watershed Plan and the respective preventive measures implemented to protect and restore the ecosystems in the Furnas Protected Landscape Area.

This area represents a valuable natural heritage of the Azores, worthy of being environmentally interpreted. Its classification was based on the geomorphological and hydrological uniqueness of the Furnas Caldera, where the lake and the manifestations of secondary volcanism stand out.

The exhibition includes five rooms equipped with dynamic and interactive technological equipment designed to improve the environmental interpretation of this protected area.

It also includes a multipurpose room for holding meetings, lectures, presentations, environmental education activities and more. In addition, there are adjacent outdoor areas, including picnic and contemplation areas and a large green space with a privileged view over the lake, where visitors can enjoy the landscape and engage in leisure activities.

The CIAF is the Island Delegation of the Azores UNESCO Global Geopark and, therefore, has an exhibition room dedicated to disseminating this theme.

The Centre won the "Premio Internazionale di Pietra Architetture 2011 - XII edizione" award and it was a finalist of SECIL Prize in 2013. It was the cover of the Spanish publication "El Croquis" and a prominent target on some architectural websites. In 2016, won the "Tour Operator of the Year for São Miguel" in the "Holiday & Tour Specialist Awards" category of the Luxury Guide Awards and, in 2017, won the “Luxury Travel & Hospitality Awards 2018” in the “Learning Experience” category.

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