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Quinta do Sanguinhal

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Located in the parish of Água Retorta, facing southeast, overlooking the sea and mountain views, Quinta do Sanguinhal offers the opportunity to its customers of enjoying the best of what a small parish of the Azores has to give. The quiet, nature, gastronomy and simplicity of the inhabitants has captivated all who choose to stay on the Quinta.

The house has three bedrooms, three bathrooms, living room, kitchen, dining room, laundry room and garage. Outside has a porch facing the sea 23 meters long, with barbecue and table for 6 people. The plot of 7000m2 is sealed, leaving more than 200 meters away from the parish.

The goal of Quinta do Sanguinhal goes beyond a simple stay in a country holiday home. We offer the possibility of customers to have the experience of living in a “quinta” (farm), having contact with animals, and also a garden with seasonal produce at their disposal. In addition to these activities, customers also have the opportunity to visit an orchard and a “fajã” (cove).

Quinta do Sanguinhal is aimed at lovers of pure nature. It is with great pleasure that we open the door of our house to all those who love the Azores.

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