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Pineapple Culture Interpretation Centre

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The Pineapple Culture Interpretation Centre, located in the heart of Fajã de Baixo parish - considered the "Azores’ pineapple capital " –, came from the need to establish the memory of the pineapple culture activity, as well as the promotion of the touristic use of its unique characteristics, through the visitation to its permanent exhibition.

It is a place that tells the story of the pineapple culture in an interesting way and promotes the local values and traditions.

In the exhibition space, the visitors can “travel” through the history of the pineapple, and learn about the facts and technical evolution that allowed the creation of the “world’s best pineapple”.

There is available information about the knowledge of the pineapple’s productive cycle, the business environment that characterized its economy, the historical figures, the gastronomy, among others.

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