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Costa Este

Protected Area of Resources Management

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With 363 hectares, Costa Este corresponds to a maritime area that faces south with the Faial da Terra Protected Area for the Management of Habitats or Species and north with the Ponta do Arnel Protected Area for the Management of Habitats or Species.

Its rocky bottom serves as habitat to several examples of marine flora and fauna, from small algae, crustaceans, fish, shellfish and seabirds, requiring their protection aimed at sustainable use particularly in activities such as fishing and other low incidence environmental impacts.

It is also included in the Integral Reserve Zone of Limpet Capture of Nordeste (Ponta do Arnel to Ponta da Madrugada). The Lombo Gordo beach, located at the base of the sea-cliff, is a nice place, very quiet, where you can enjoy the immensity of the sea and admire the best views of the sunrise.

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