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Furnas do Enxofre Visitation Circuit

Type: circular
Dificulty: easy
Length: 0.57Km
Duration: 40 min


How to get there

The Furnas do Enxofre Visitation Circuit is located roughly in the centre of the island, north of Angra do Heroísmo city.

Approximately at kilometre 5.5 on the Via Vitorino Nemésio, turn towards "Furna d’Água/Algar do Carvão", proceed about 7 kilometres from the Regional Road 5-2 (Cabrito Road) until you find the signs of Furnas do Enxofre.

Recommended gear

Appropriate footwear for walking, waterproof jacket, hat, sunscreen and water.

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The Furnas do Enxofre Visitation Circuit is an infrastructure that develops around the fumarole field of Furnas do Enxofre and allows access to it safely, protecting the integrity of the site.

The Furnas do Enxofre Visitation Circuit is an infrastructure that was designed in order to regulate the use of this natural monument, allowing, on one hand, the safe access to all who wish to visit it and, on the other, protecting the respective habitats through the use of rustic materials and integrated into the natural characteristics of limitations on caves trails.

The pedestrian route results in a circuit that passes through the area of fumaroles and the north slope, is adapted to existing paths and has facilitated access. The location is still provided with a set of information panels which support the interpretation of existing natural elements.

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