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Vinhas dos Biscoitos

Type: Circular
Dificulty: Easy
Length: 7.5Km
Duration: 2h
Altitude (Min / Max): 190m / 276m


How to get there

The trail begins by the public fountain and washing site, at the intersection of Regional Road 1-1 with Rua Longa (street in Biscoitos parish). It is located about 19 kilometres by road from the centre of Angra do Heroísmo.

Recommended gear

Appropriate footwear for walking, waterproof jacket, hat, sunscreen and water.

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This trail runs through the Vinhas dos Biscoitos Protected Landscape Area. From the 16th century to the present day, Verdelho wine is produced in this area, on a “curraletas” (small plots delimited by stoned-walls) landscape built by the man who so skilfully transformed an unfertile land with difficult wet conditions, salinity and rocky soil of basalt, into a generous ground for the production of vineyard. Complement this tour with a visit to the Museu do Vinho (wine museum), where all construction modes and techniques of this landscape and its history are very well interpreted.

The trail begins in the public fountain, at the intersection of the Regional Road 1-1 with the Rua Longa (street), on Biscoitos parish.

Climb up a small path to the Rua Longa Viewpoint and return to the starting point to begin the course of Canada da Rua Longa (path), on the end of which you face the Baía do Rolo (bay). Here, was made the shipment of the products in the coming ships from Africa and India. Continue straight at the Caminho do Mar (path) to the beach area and pass the fishing port, also whaling port. Turn right, pass by the Forte do Porto (fortress), coursing the Caminho do Canto do Feno (path) during 1 kilometre. Notice some of the coastal species of the natural vegetation of the Azores, adapted to the sea rock and the salinity. Then turn left, going through a reed field and into the vineyards. Look closely at the plots, and see the small holes where the vine is planted, protected from salty winds by walls and enjoying the temperature that the black stone offers.

The end of this trail takes you to the Canada das Vinhas (path), which you should follow until the Canada da Salga (path), where you turn left. At the end of the path turn right, following the Canada de Santo António (path). Go through it, passing by the hermitage of the same name, to the parking lot. Cross it and continue straight for a trail, re-entering the vine plots. Notice the abandoned vineyards, but that still retain the plots’ structure. Follow to Canada Brás da Silva (path) and, through it, re-enter the vineyards to observe the organization of plots in "tornas", rows of plots connected by a path. This vineyard section ends at the Ribeira do Chamusco (stream), an ancient form of water supply and access road to the bay. Turning left go along this stream until you find the Baía do Rolo (bay) again. Turn right, follow the Caminho do Mar (path) to the starting point.

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