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Relheiras de São Brás PRC8TER

Type: circular
Dificulty: easy
Length: 5Km
Duration: 2h
Altitude (Min / Max): 190m / 276m


How to get there

Approximately on the kilometre 13 on the Via Vitorino Nemésio, head towards São Brás/Fontinhas. Then follow the signs to "Zona de Lazer" (leisure zone). The trail begins next to the São Brás picnic park. It is located about 17 kilometres, by road, from the centre of Angra do Heroísmo.

Recommended gear

Appropriate footwear for walking, waterproof jacket, hat, sunscreen and water.

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This pedestrian trail is partially inserted into the Biscoito das Fontinhas Protected Area for the Management of Habitats or Species and begins and ends in the São Brás’ picnic park.

Right at the beginning, there are “relheiras” (ruts) that give the name to this trail. In this place, there is a forest area, which features a large number of endemic species of arthropods and it can also be observed some species of endemic and native flora of the Azores.

The trail begins and ends in the São Brás’ picnic park. Leaving from this area, turn right and find a landmark with old oxcart wheelsets, which are the responsible vehicles for the “relheiras” (ruts).

Follow the path where you can watch the basalt cut by the oxcarts wheelsets that once transported the wood to supply the population. In this place, there is a forest area located in the oldest volcanic complex of the island, with a large number of endemic species of arthropods, such as the Tarphius azoricus and the Cixius azoterceirae. From this point, the flora is also evident with some of the endemic and native species of the Azores, such as Erica azorica, Laurus azorica and Morella faya.

Arriving at the Fonte do Cão, notice an interesting cavity provided with water, which functioned as a "reservoir" where, in the past, dogs satisfied their thirst when accompanying their owners and the cattle.

Further on, cross a gate that leads to a dirt path that alternates with asphalt sections, and walk about 2 kilometres to reach the end of this route. Enjoy a snack in the pleasant picnic park where you started the trail.

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