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Costa Noroeste

Protected Area of Resources Management

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With 283.07 hectares and depths of approximately 50 metres, Costa Noroeste is an area with the seabed formed by lava flows and it is partially covered with blocks and small sandy spots in low areas.

In this protected area, it is possible to observe a diversity of marine fauna, namely, the Epinephelus marginatus, the Mycteroperca fusca, the Balistes capriscus, the Thalassoma pavo, the Coris julis, the Sarpa salpa, the Chromis limbata, the Sparisoma Cretan, the Serranus atricauda, the Patella candei and the Patella aspera, as well as a community of algae, such as the Enteromorpha spp., the Ulva spp., the Porphyra spp. and the Pterocladiella capilacea.

The essential objective in this area is to preserve the biodiversity.

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