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Pousada de Juventude de São Jorge

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In the middle of the Atlantic lies São Jorge, the Dragon Island, one of the most luxurious green islands of the Azores.

If you enjoy being one with nature, you will be happy to know that this island has much to offer in outdoor activities, such as nature walks, bike riding, swimming, fishing (angling or underwater fishing)...

São Jorge has the essential attractions in order for you to spend unforgettable days. Underwater fishing is very appealing due to the richness of our ocean's fauna and flora and its interesting rock formations. As an alternative to underwater observation, you can turn to the Whale Watching companies and spend some time with these magnificent mammals (as with the dolphins).

Be sure to taste all the island delicacies, such as the local tuna and the world acclaimed S. Jorge Cheese.

São Jorge, it's a mystical place, with all the fajãs and the misty mountains, a place you'll never forget.

A final note: some say it has the best surf spot in Europe, so all you surfers be aware!

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