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São Jorge Park´s House

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The São Jorge Park’s House was housed in the building of the old Primary School of Norte Grande and intends to show visitors the different valences of the Nature Park.

It has a permanent exhibition called "Tesouros do Parque” (Park Treasures), with a map of the island with information about its different protected areas classified by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and information material about the Nature Park, including themes such as geology, biodiversity and heritage.

In the main room is a children area with educational games about the Azores and environmental awareness.

There is also a multimedia area, which provides information about the Ramsar Sites and sounds of nature, as well as a photography exhibition of São Jorge protected areas by Paulo Henrique Silva. 

There is also an auditorium, where is possible to see several documentaries about whaling and the fajãs of São Jorge.

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