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Espaço Talassa


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Since 1989, Serge Viallelle has trailed the Azorean sea, discovering and getting to know the impressive community of dolphins and whales that frequent the middle of the Atlantic.

In 1991, thanks to his ever-growing passion, he created the first sustainable tourism base dedicated to the observation and research of cetaceans in the Azores, Espaço Talassa... the original!

Each boat trip is not just an occasion to encounter one of the 28 species of marine mammals identified in the Azores (98% success rate on average), but to also actively participate in the study and protection of them.

At sea, in accordance with the animals and Espaço Talassa's code of ethics, you will help collect the data needed to continue their research, such as the species observed, photos, underwater recordings...

On land, you'll have access to Espaço Talassa's specialist library in addition to their biologists and cetologist guides, and before boarding, a small briefing will take you deeper into this still relatively unknown world.

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