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Pousada de Juventude do Pico

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Become a discoverer, sail to the island of Pico and stay in our Youth Hostel in the town of São Roque, from where you will set forth to discover the island's magnificent history.

If you enjoy being one with nature, this is the right spot for hiking trails, bike riding, swimming, fishing and camping, with the essential attractions you need to spend unforgettable days. In this island has, also, one of Portugal Natural Wonders and the highest point of the country: the majestic Pico Mountain, where, from its 2351 meters, you can see the most gorgeous sunset you can imagine.

Land of whalers, Pico is the perfect place for you to watch dolphins and whales, through companies dedicated to this practice.

The weather is known to be a bit unstable, but it is mild enough to create a perfect ecosystem that allows the production of tasty delicacies such as the well-known island cheese.

Those who visit this island are guaranteed days of unforgettable pleasure and relaxation. Can you dream of a vacation like this?

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