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Canal Faial-Pico/sector Pico (water channel)

Protected Area of Resources Management

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This area, with 66.9 hectares, is marked by two islets located on the west coast of Pico in front of Madalena village – the Ilhéu em Pé and the Ilhéu Deitado.

These islets are the remains of a volcano dismantled by the marine abrasion and are elements of great landscape and symbolic value.

The islets are a refuge and a nesting area for seabirds and are surrounded by relatively regular seabeds of sand and rock with a maximum depth of 20 metres between the islets and the Pico Island. These funds are home to a rich marine fauna, not only on resident species but also in pelagic species. It is yet a reproduction area for the Balistes capriscus. This area is also a priority marine geosite of the Azores UNESCO Global Geopark.

Defined as a Special Area of ​​Conservation (SAC) within the Natura 2000 network, this area is an important habitat for the fauna species Sterna hirundo, Caretta caretta and Tursiops truncatus, and the flora species Azorina vidalii and Spergularia azorica.


Natura 2000 network

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