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Zona do Morro

Protected Area for the Management of Habitats or Species

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With 37 hectares, Zona do Morro is on the shoreline zone that divides Prainha and Santo Amaro parishes.

It is a lava delta that resulted from a volcanic lava flow, which spread from the island’s top to the sea, and its altitude ranges from sea level to 60 metres of altitude. 

It is characterized by the presence of pahoehoe lavas forming flat continuous or wavy with smooth slope surfaces. Here, it is possible to see a well-preserved endemic Macaronesian heath, which is a priority habitat of the Natura 2000 network.

This protected area has high landscape values, with flora and fauna endemic species, and is a very important zone for the nesting of the protected species Calonectris borealis.

Among the vegetation, it is possible to find walls of dark basalt, which are abandoned vineyard plots and were used to protect the vineyards from the winds and the salty sea breeze.

This protected area is also an Important Bird and Biodiversity Area (IBA) of the BirdLife International organization.



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