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Great Route - Stage 1: Santa Cruz das Flores - Ponta Delgada

Type: Linear
Dificulty: Hard
Length: 21Km
Duration: 8h
Altitude (Min / Max): 20m / 380m


How to get there

Follow in direction to the north part of the airport’s runway. Near the Campo de Futebol Municipal de Santa Cruz das Flores (football field), you will find a viewpoint overlooking the Baixa Vermelha and Baixa do Moinho islets, with Corvo Island in the background. The trail begins at this viewpoint.

Recommended gear

Appropriate footwear for walking, waterproof jacket, hat, sunscreen and water.

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Start the first stage on a beautiful viewpoint over the Baixa Vermelha and Baixa do Moinho islets, with Corvo Island in the background, take the path on your left and go up the staircase you will find, and then follow the road until an elevated area called Beija Mão. From here, descend the path and pass through the Recreational Forest Reserve of Luís Paulo Camacho and the dam that feeds the Hydroelectric Power Plant. After crossing the dam, follow near the levada (irrigation channel) that leads to the regional road. From here, continue on the road until you find the entrance to the Caimbros Trail, which leads to the Alagoa Bay zone. Crossing the picnic area, start a climb to the Cedros parish, cross it and continue towards the Ponta Ruiva place and, from here, walk near the coast until the Ponta Delgada parish, close to Casa do Povo (local support house for the people).

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