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Quinta da Abegoaria

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Quinta da Abegoaria is a tourism service in Faial Island, Azores, in Pedro Miguel, inaugurated at August 10, 2005, where we can find three traditional houses (house of the Uncle António, House of the Chico Gaspar and the Atafona), house of support with sanitary, laundry service, reception and museum with ancient products. In the exterior, with much green space, we have two swimming pools (adult and children open at summertime), tennis court, a place for children, two barbecue grills and two farms with trees. All the houses make use of kitchen, room with TV, the oven of firewood, bathrooms and nine rooms with eighteen beds distributed for the three houses. With three available entrances, one for the regional road, one at north side and another at south side, bus space near the access entrance, supermarket and snack-bar in five minutes by foot, five minutes to go to Horta by car, we can find a place very pleasant where we can remember our ancestor and traditions, but with all the comfort that if it demands nowadays.

Abegoaria – cattle house or farming where animals where raised.

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