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Costa Sudoeste

Protected Area for the Management of Habitats or Species

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Located in the adjacent coast to the Nature Reserve of Ilhéu da Vila (islet), with 47 hectares, this protected area is characterized by sea-cliffs and rugged areas and comprises the area between Ponta do Malmerendo to Cagarra.

The Costa Sudoeste represents an important area for seabirds nesting, being essential its protection in the scope of activity and anthropogenic disturbances. It is possible to observe birds as the Sterna hirundo (garajau-comum), the Sterna dougallii (garajau-rosado), the Calonectris borealis (cagarro), the Charadrius alexandrinus (borrelho-de-coleira-interrompida), the Buteo buteo rothschildi (milhafre) and the Columba livia atlantis (pombo-das-rochas).

Together with the Ilhéu da Vila Nature Reserve, the Costa Sudoeste fits in the Special Protection Area (SPA) Ilhéu da Vila e Costa Adjacente, classified by Natura 2000 network.


Natura 2000 network

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