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Corvo Wild Birds Rehabilitation Centre

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The Wild Birds Rehabilitation Centre aims the recovery of wild birds injured or debilitated, and the environmental awareness of the population about the key role of biodiversity.

Installed in a building recovered by the Regional Government of the Azores in 2010, through restoration and rehabilitation works, this centre is situated close to the Corvo Wild Birds Interpretation Centre, where you shall go for more information and visit appointments.

With the creation of this Centre, the Azores have now an innovative structure in the Archipelago with the necessary conditions for treatment of birds, as well as an outdoor space for the transition between captivity and freedom.

By appointment, visitors can take a guided tour of the Centre's facilities and may observe the species in recovery at that time.

Address: Largo do Maranhão

Phone: (+351) 292 596 051

E-mail: [email protected]


Getting there:

Follow the road to the Caldeirão and at the first intersection on the right, enter the Largo do Maranhão. There you can find a staircase on the left, which leads to the Centre.

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