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Corvo Wild Birds Interpretation Centre

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The Corvo Wild Birds Interpretation Centre is a mandatory stop for those who wish to get to know the Nature Park, as well as the Corvo Island Biosphere Reserve.

Here you can discover the wild birds that occur in the Archipelago, and know a bit more about the practice of birdwatching, the tourism activity that places Corvo Island as a location of high importance in the context of international birdwatching.

In this exhibition, the visitors have access to several multimedia equipment with information about the Nature Park and the Azorean birdlife, namely a sightings’ registration screen, a hologram and an illustrated book of wintering, migratory, nesting and accidental birds observable on the island.

The visitors also have the possibility to “travel” along the island through a virtual reality experience, for a better understanding of the interaction between Man and the environment.

Moreover, the Centre includes Corvo’s last mill where was carried out the island’s main flourishing process until the beginning of the ‘60s.

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