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Costa do Corvo

Protected Area of Resources Management

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It holds the Nature Park’s marine area, with 25 738,30 hectares, which management is done by the conservation of certain habitats or species, safeguarding the sustainable use of the natural ecosystems and the 14 kilometres of coastline.

On the south and west slopes and on the north part of the island there are arches, semi-submerged caves and some tidal pools. The bigger pools are particularly essential as they are nursery areas for several species of fish. The bottom of the sea around the island descends abruptly until 50 to 100 metres, and then gradually until 500 metres, at about one nautical mile from the coast. The undersea reefs of the south coast have the greatest marine diversity.

The main biotope below 15 metres is characterised by the Zonaria tournefortii (alga-castanha), with sponges at higher depths, and the bivalve Pinna rudis (leque-do-mar) growing in fractures. On the surrounding area of these reefs, it is also possible to see a great diversity of fish species.


Biosphere Reserve

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