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Amplifying endemic populations on Corvo

Amplifying endemic populations on Corvo

July 2, 2024

Over the last few months, the LIFE IP AZORES NATURA project, in collaboration with the Corvo Environment and Climate Change Service, has been planting selected shrub species, namely Short Leaved Juniper (Juniperus brevifolia) and Azorean Blueberry (Vaccinium cylindraceum), on the island of Corvo, more specifically in the Caldeirão area.

This work is part of Action C4.1 of the project, which aims to improve habitat conservation by maintaining and strengthening populations of species included in the Habitats Directive and restoring areas degraded by cattle grazing and trampling.

On the island of Corvo, work is also underway to put up a fence to exclude cattle from areas where populations of endemic species are found in order to preserve their integrity.

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