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Alonso Miguel delivers fire truck tanker to Graciosa Humanitarian Associations of Volunteer Firefighters

Alonso Miguel delivers fire truck tanker to Graciosa Humanitarian Associations of Volunteer Firefighters

May 13, 2024

The Regional Secretary for the Environment and Climate Action, Alonso Miguel, presided over the delivery ceremony of a fire truck tanker to the Graciosa Humanitarian Association of Volunteer Firefighters this Thursday. On the occasion, he noted that this is "a piece of equipment representing a long-awaited ambition and a pressing need for the proper operation of the island's only fire brigade. It is an indispensable tool for the protection of people and property on Graciosa Island."

The head of Civil Protection stated that this ceremony was particularly symbolic. It marks the beginning of the plan to renovate the red fleet vehicles of Azorean fire brigades, within the remit of the Regional Secretariat for the Environment and Climate Action, through the Azores Regional Civil Protection and Fire Service (SRPCBA), with the delivery of the first red vehicle of a set of nine vehicles already awarded, including fire tankers, emergency vehicles, rescue vehicles and a multi-victim transport vehicle. According to him, this represents "an overall planned investment of 3.4 million Euros," adding that the fire truck tanker delivered during the ceremony corresponds to an investment of more than 310 thousand Euros.

Alonso Miguel noted that "several regional governments have not purchased red vehicles to outfit and renovate the fleet of regional Humanitarian Associations of Volunteer Fire Brigade since 2010. For this reason, this is a strategic and fundamental investment for the civil protection system and the operation of regional fire brigades."

In this regard, he added that "we will also deliver a multi-victim transport vehicle to the island of Flores in 2024, in addition to the estimated delivery of another three red vehicles to the Region in 2024, which will be delivered to Praia da Vitória, Ponta Delgada and Ribeira Grande."

"We expect to receive the remaining five vehicles in 2025," he continued.

He added: "In 2024, we have the firm intention of launching a new tender for the acquisition of another five vehicles, so that, in just three years, 14 red vehicles will be distributed to our fire brigades according to operational criteria, need and suitability."

The government official also stated that "there are plans to invest about 370 thousand Euros in 2024 to purchase equipment for the SRPCBA and fire brigades, namely civil protection emergency kits, breathing apparatus and other equipment indispensable for good operational performance."

The Regional Secretary stated that "all these investments represent a considerable financial effort which, combined with a strong commitment to the training and specialisation of firefighters and to raising awareness among the population, demonstrate the clear and unwavering commitment of the Regional Government to improving human and material resources. These are essential to the proper operation of fire services and the response capacity of the Azores Regional Civil Protection and Fire Service for the protection and safeguarding of the population."

"As this is the first public opportunity I have with you, I have to offer a word of gratitude and praise to the firefighters who fought the HDES fire last Saturday," he added.

According to Alonso Miguel, "the performance of those men and women is truly inspiring. It demonstrates the spirit of solidarity and courage and was a practical example of the skills and commitment of the Azorean firefighters to the noblest of missions: protecting human life."

Alonso Miguel ended his speech by congratulating the Graciosa Humanitarian Association of Volunteer Firefighters on the integration of this important piece of equipment into their red vehicle fleet, noting that "it is another fundamental contribution to their capability building in terms of emergency response and action, in addition to improving the conditions for the rescue and well-being of the Graciosa population."

"You can continue to count on the commitment of the Regional Government so that, side by side, we can guarantee all the necessary conditions to fulfil the missions entrusted to you and ensure an effective civil protection system in ou region," he said.

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