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LIFE IP AZORES NATURA moves ahead with fencing in Caldeirão do Corvo to preserve wetlands

LIFE IP AZORES NATURA moves ahead with fencing in Caldeirão do Corvo to preserve wetlands

March 27, 2024

As part of Action C4.1 – Good practices for the conservation of terrestrial habitats, of the LIFE IP AZORES NATURA project, coordinated by the Regional Secretariat for the Environment and Climate Action, a comprehensive intervention will be implemented in an area of 99 hectares, including the installation of around 7 kilometres of fencing. This endeavour aims to protect several unique habitats considered conservation priorities at the European level under the Habitats Directive.

The Caldeirão do Corvo area is home to a variety of peat bogs, which, in addition to their stunning beauty, perform vital ecological functions, such as water retention and purification, essential for supplying and collecting water for Vila do Corvo. Peat bogs can absorb up to 50 times their weight in water, acting as authentic natural sponges that regulate water flow and purify water by releasing it from toxic substances, as well as playing a crucial role in CO2 sequestration.

However, the presence of free grazing has emerged as one of the threats to the integrity of these habitats. To address this challenge, the installation of fencing has emerged as a strategic solution to limit livestock access to critical areas, thus enabling the effective renaturalisation of peatlands and the preservation of their ecosystem services.

The decision to put up this fence was taken after a briefing session with local agricultural entrepreneurs and in coordination with all stakeholders. The location and length of the fence was carefully planned to ensure that people's mobility and the preservation of habitats inside and outside the cauldron were not compromised.

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