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Conservation work continues on the island of Faial

Conservation work continues on the island of Faial

March 26, 2024

As part of LIFE IP AZORES NATURA, in collaboration with Faial Environment and Climate Change Service, conservation work on the island of Faial continues at a good pace.

On National Park Ranger Day and International Wetlands Day (2 February), 18 primary school children planted 23 Prunus lusitanica ssp. azorica in the Pedro Miguel ponds. This educational activity involved students and teachers from the Castelo Branco and Pedro Miguel primary schools.

Last February, 560 individuals of Ammi trifoliatum were also planted in Ribeira da Lomba, creating new nuclei and reinforcing existing ones, in an action aimed at expanding and strengthening the presence of this species on the island of Faial. Also in this regard, a new population of Rumex azorica was discovered in Serra da Feteira, as well as new individuals of Prunus lusitanica ssp. azorica, where there is a micro reserve of this species in the parish of Praia do Norte.

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