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Regional Secretary for the Environment and Climate Change presided the opening session of the “Law and Legislation for the Environment” training session

Regional Secretary for the Environment and Climate Change presided the opening session of the “Law and Legislation for the Environment” training session

May 18, 2021

The Regional Secretary for the Environment and Climate Change presided, on Monday, the opening of the training course on "Environmental Law and Legislation", organized by the Regional Inspectorate for the Environment, which took place at the Youth and Arts Academy of Terceira Island, Praia da Vitória.

"The Azores are internationally recognized for their level of environmental quality", and in this sense, the Government has taken sustainable development as a transversal pillar of its public policies, and it is our responsibility to ensure its preservation for future generations ", said Alonso Miguel .

The official also stated that “the priorities of public policies must guarantee the existence of competent instruments for the protection of environmental quality, nature conservation, biodiversity protection, water resources management and efficient land management and protection of populations ”.

The Regional Secretary for Climate Change considered that only in this way is it possible to guarantee “the protection of the most fragile and sensitive ecosystems, namely the lagoons, streams, fajãs, slopes and cliffs, as well as all the ecosystems inserted in the NatureOk. C Parks” of the Azores.

“Only together, in sharing information and knowledge, in raising awareness, in monitoring and in the proper procedure, will we be able to safeguard environmental rights and promote sustainable development, which ensures the well-being and the progressive improvement of the quality of life of our populations ”, He added.

This training action counts on the participation of elements from the various departments of the regional public administration, namely, Park Rangers, Environmental Inspectors, Guards from the Nature and Environment Protection Service (SEPNA) of the Guarda Nacional Republicana, Agents from the Protection Brigades (BRIPA) of the Polícia de Segurança Pública (Police) and Polícia Marítima Officers.

This training action intends to support the inspection entities in the implementation, concrete and effective, of environmental legislation, promoting the sharing of information and experiences between environmental authorities, in order to develop a greater coherence in the approach, interpretation and application of the environmental regulatory framework in force in the Azores.

The articulation between regional public administration and public forces will make it possible to increase administrative and procedural efficiency, making the inspections in terms of the environment more effective, which demonstrates the new executive's commitment to guarantee and strengthen the environmental excellence of the Archipelago.

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