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National Park Rangers Day

National Park Rangers Day

Feb. 2, 2024

On this National Park Rangers Day, the Regional Secretariat for the Environment and Climate Change wishes to pay tribute to these professionals dedicated to preserving the Azores' natural heritage.

The Regional Secretariat's corps of park rangers is organizing a series of regional activities with the school community to raise awareness of the importance of these guardians of nature. In addition to the activity "Ramsar Sites: 13 areas to get to know in the Azores", included in the School Environmental Awareness Activities Offer 2023/2024, which aims to carry out an interpretive circuit in a Ramsar Site with ecological restoration activity (removal of invasive species or planting of endemic species) and a playful-informative session on the importance of Wetlands in the Azores, other actions will be promoted, such as bird watching and filling in checklists of the most common resident and migratory species in the Azores, observed during the dynamics.

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