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Parque Escola Activity: Flora Açoriana

Parque Escola Activity: Flora Açoriana

May 4, 2021

Driven by the Flores Nature Park Ecoteca and available in the Parque Escola 2020/21 educational offer, “Flora Açoriana” is an activity composed of a presentation to disseminate the main concepts on the theme and some of the main species that characterize the flora of the Azores . As a practical component, a game to identify some of the most characteristic endemic species on the island is promoted, as well as the construction of a small terrarium, which will remain in the classroom. This action aims to raise awareness of some of the species of flora endemic to the Archipelago and their main characteristics, in order to raise awareness of the importance of their conservation.

The region's native flora suffers threats to its conservation, namely due to the presence of exotic and invasive plants that establish themselves in ecosystems. These are agents of alteration and, sometimes, compete for the permanence in the habitat with endemic species, therefore it is necessary to carry out actions that aim at the respect for the nature and the sensitization of the community for its preservation and for the importance of its conservation .

Photo: Marta Alves

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