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LIFE BEETLES holds Advisory Board meeting on Terceira island

LIFE BEETLES holds Advisory Board meeting on Terceira island

Nov. 2, 2023

The LIFE BEETLES project, coordinated by the Regional Secretariat for the Environment and Climate Change, held its annual Advisory Board meeting as part of Action F.2 - Governance and Advisory Boards, this year in a mixed format (in-person and online) on the island of Terceira.

The mission of this group of advisors is to analyse and discuss, from a technical-scientific perspective, the project's proposals and the developments and results obtained from the operational nature conservation work.

This meeting brought together the project team, the Directors of the Island Nature Parks, professionals specialising in the field of nature conservation and entomology, as well as members of the IUCN Species Monitoring Group, members of the MAIISG (Mid-Atlantic Island Invertebrate Specialist Group) and members of the CPSP – IUCN (Conservation Planning Specialist Group).

The meeting included a presentation of the project, detailing the work carried out to date and the results obtained. The project's main challenges were discussed and new tools for monitoring invertebrate species were presented. In the afternoon, a visit was made to the intervention areas, where it was possible to see in loco the fieldwork carried out so far.

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