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Get to know the speakers of the 1st Technical Workshop Técnico of the LIFE BEETLES project

Get to know the speakers of the 1st Technical Workshop Técnico of the LIFE BEETLES project

Sept. 7, 2023

Today, we introduce another of the workshop’s speakers, Antonio Machado, who will be talking about “Nature conservation: nature at stake”.

Antonio Machado (Madrid, 1953) was a lec­turer in Ecology at the University of La Laguna (Tenerife, Canary Islands), superin­tendent of Teide National Park, adviser on environmen­tal policies for the Presidency of the Spanish Govern­ment, regional councillor of the IUCN (Inter­­national Union for Conservation of Na­ture) and presi­dent of the Euro­pean Centre for Nature Conserva­tion (ECNC).

He has also worked as an inde­pendent consultant for sever­al inter­national organiza­tions and foreign cooperation programmes. Between 2008 and 2018, he headed a public foun­da­tion in the Canary Islands (Granadilla Environ­mental Obser­­va­tory), and he was also editor-in-chief of the Journal for Natu­re Conser­vation (2001-2021).

Currently, he continues privately with entomological research (started in 1975) and is a full member of the World Aca­demy of Arts and Science and of the Canarian Academy of Language.

In addition to a large number of technical and scientific writings (mostly Entomology), he has also written more general books like Eco­logía, medio ambiente y desa­rrollo turístico en Canarias (1990), T. Vernon Wollaston (1822-1878). Un entomó­logo en la Macaro­nesia (2006), The Psycho­sphere. Do we need a new Ecology? (2006) or 28-D Enclave de humor (2012), the latter with filmmaker Santiago Ríos. His last book (2022) is scientific: The Macaronesian Laparocerus. Taxonomy, Phylogeny, and Natural history.  

For more information, visit his website:

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