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LIFE BEETLES | Intervention Areas

LIFE BEETLES | Intervention Areas

April 13, 2021

FLO3 – Flores – Lagoa Funda

The intervention area FLO3 is located in the Natural Reserve of Caldeira Funda and Rasa. Caldeira Funda corresponds to a maar-type explosion crater. Despite showing patches of native vegetation, Caldeira Funda is considerably infested by invasive flora, especially by Hedychium gardnerianum. This area is defined as a potential habitat for Tarphius floresensis, serving as a stepping stone for a future ecological corridor. For this reason, it is intended to improve the conditions of the area in relation to its vegetation cover, removing IAS and planting endemic species. However, due to its slopes above 75%, it becomes challenging to intervene in a large part of its margins.

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