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Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Development Goals

Sept. 19, 2022

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the 2030 Agenda set global sustainable development priorities and ambitions for 2030, seeking to mobilise international efforts through universal goals and targets.

Seventeen Goals have been defined and divided into areas that affect the quality of life of all citizens of the world, now and in the future:

People – where we seek to eradicate poverty and hunger, promote dignity, equality and education;

Planet – which focuses on sustainable consumption and production, tackling climate change and managing natural resources;

Prosperity – concerning personal fulfilment and economic and social progress;

Peace – seeking to achieve peaceful, just and inclusive societies, free from fear and violence;

Partnerships – concerning cross-cutting integration, interconnectedness and joint mobilisation on behalf of the most vulnerable.

In the following days, we will present some of these objectives that are within the competencies of the Regional Secretariat for the Environment and Climate Change, as well as some tips on how we can contribute to their fulfilment.

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