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Learning, playing and helping Nature!

Learning, playing and helping Nature!

Aug. 30, 2022

The LIFE BEETLES project promoted a set of environmental awareness activities, within the scope of the vacation programmes of the Municipalities of Lajes do Pico and São Roque do Pico, and of Prainha Parish Council.

During nine sessions, 56 children participated in the activities “Walking through Biodiversity”, “BEETLES Paper” and “Entomologist for a Day”, which are part of the environmental awareness activities promoted by the Regional Secretariat for the Environmental and Climate Changes.

Looking for living beings on rocks, on the soil and on branches of trees, listening to the sounds of the forest, observing insects through a magnifying glass, and searching for hiding clues in the park were some of the proposed challenges. The children also had the opportunity to join in a volunteer activity, where they helped on planting 150 endemic plants, at Lagoa do Caiado (lake).

In a relaxed and fun way, it is possible to contribute to greater literacy about the natural world, in particular about the importance of insects for ecosystems, which in the long term will take better care of our Nature!

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