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Did you know that...

Did you know that...

Dec. 3, 2021

the genus Sphagnum spp. includes 15 native species and one endemic species of the Azores?

Unique to the Sphagnaceae family, this kind of moss is a key element of the peatbog’s constitution due to its high capacity to absorb water and accumulate carbon. Acting like a “sponge”, it can hold 20 times its weight, absorbing water from rain and fog and gradually releasing it to the aquifers. This way, it can prevent water accumulation and, consequently, floods. But it doesn't stop here; it can also purify the water that has metals and toxic substances and, due to its acid pH, it has a bactericide effect.

In addition, the Sphagnum spp. peatbogs are the only habitat of several arthropod species. In the case of the Trechus terrabravensis, an endemic beetle of Terceira and a target species of the LIFE BEETLES project, the moss is the place where it hides to protect itself from its predators, as well as to attack its preys.


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