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We planted 240 trees, here and there!

We planted 240 trees, here and there!

Oct. 28, 2021

The voluntary action “Plant Here, Plant There”, promoted by the Regional Secretariat for the Environment and Climate Change, turned out to be a great success that counted with the community's participation in plating endemic flora on the surrounding area of the largest lagoon of Pico, the Lagoa do Caiado.

During the activity, the LIFE BEETLES’ team raised the participants' awareness to the importance of native species in this intervention area of the project, and in total, 240 individuals of Juniperus brevifolia were planted.

These actions are an essential tool for disseminating the importance of habitat and target species of the project, in this specific case, the Pseudanchomenus aptinoides, an endemic beetle of Pico.

If you were not able to participate in this action, stay tuned to our social network and keep track of our next events.

With the financial support of the LIFE Programme of the European Union.

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