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“Environmental voluntary work on Monte da Guia” activity – Faial

“Environmental voluntary work on Monte da Guia” activity – Faial

Nov. 13, 2021 - 10 a.m. | noon

Join us in this environmental voluntary action on Monte da Guia and contribute to the preservation of the Azores' natural heritage!

This is one of LIFE VIDALIA's four intervention areas on the island of Faial. Here, the populations of Azorina vidalli and its companion species have been reinforced through conservation actions that also include the removal of invasive alien species.

The action will start with a briefing on the importance of preserving the Azorean biodiversity and the work carried out by this project in this area. After, the participants will remove invasive plants.  

This activity is integrated in the LIFE VIDALIA project and will count for the attribution of the Conservação Rede Natura 2000 criteria of the Miosotis Azores Award.


Faial | 13 October | 10h00 – 12h00

Meeting point: Monte da Guia's Car Park

Limited registrations until 12 November at 15h00 | [email protected]

Promotion: Regional Secretariat for the Environment and Climate Change

During the activity, you must comply with the proper social distancing and respiratory etiquette.

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