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Activity “Fighting Food Waste in the Azores” – Faial

Activity “Fighting Food Waste in the Azores” – Faial

Oct. 16, 2021 - 10 a.m. | noon

We invite you to go to the Horta Municipal Market, next Saturday, for “Fighting Food Waste in the Azores” campaign presentation, which will feature the presence of the Regional Director for the Environment and Climate Change, Ana Cristina Rodrigues.

Thus, we highlight the World Food Day, instituted 75 years ago by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations – FAO, and which this year's theme is “Growing, Feeding, Preserving. Together. Our Actions are our Future”.

Take the opportunity to shop with local producers while the younger ones have fun in a pedagogical activity of environmental awareness promoted using the Milhafre grocery store.

Take the family and get to know some tips to fight food waste in your home!

Faial | 16 October | 10:00 am

Meeting point: Horta Municipal Market

Free entry

Promotion: Regional Secretariat for Environment and Climate Change

 During the activity, you must comply with due social distancing and respiratory etiquette.

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