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The rocks go to the city

The rocks go to the city

June 5, 2021 - 3 p.m. | 5 p.m.

As part of the European Geoparks Week, the Capelinhos Volcano Interpretation Center comes to the city of Horta to show you the formation of different types of rocks and their uses as a raw material in the construction and ornamental stone industries. Throughout this tour we will identify the variety of rocks present in the different historic buildings.

Participants must bring their mask. During the activity, it is recommended to practice social distancing and respiratory etiquette.

Date: June 5

Schedule: 15h00 - 17h00

Meeting point: Porto Pim Sea Gate

Extension: 2.5 km | Difficulty: low

Deadline for registration: June 4 | Activity limited to 10 participants

Contacts: [email protected] | 292 200 470

Partnership: Geopark Azores

Photo: Faial Natural Park "

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