Terceira's Natural Park


The Terceira's Natural Park, created by the Regional Legislative Decree no. 11/2011/A, of April 20, 2011, is the unit of management of protected areas of Terceira Island, inserting within the Regional Network of Protected Areas of Azores, created by the  Regional Legislative Decree no. 15/2007/A of June 25.
With a total area of 95,78 km2, consists of 20 terrestrial and marine areas, with 88,35 km2 and 7,43 km2, respectively.
Terceira Island is thus about 22% of its land area being integrated in the Natural Park being created the favorable conditions to a coherent and integrated management, guided by objectives of management and conservation which includes spaces with particular skills in nature conservation, landscape and natural resources, based on scientific criteria of classification, delimited by international, national, regional and local guidelines.