Santa Maria's Natural Park


The creation of the Natural Park of Santa Maria emerges from the need for conservation of biological and geological uniqueness of the island and the preservation of paleontological heritage, unique in the Azores.

The Natural Park is the unit of management of protected areas of the island that aims to the land management, nature conservation and sustainable use of natural resources.

This structure enables tourists and local residents the enjoyment of an environmental, ecological and landscape heritage properly preserved, being a goal of his administration to pass on to future generations this natural heritage, characterizing of the island.

13 land and sea areas were integrated, classified in five categories of Protected Areas of the Park. Stands out some islets for its underwater wealth and for being true nurseries for many sea birds, unique landscapes that tell the geological history of the island and fossiliferous deposits of international interest.


The Santa Maria's Natural Park was created by the Regional Legislative Decreee nÂș 47/2008/A, of November 7.

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