Code of Conduct in Pico Mountain


Before starting the climb to Pico Mountain give attention to the following standards and recommendations:

In Pico Mountain is expressly prohibited:

• Collect or destruction of plant species or geological formations;

• Deposition of any type of waste;

• Walking outside the marked trails;

• Disturbance of the tranquility of the site;

• Carrying out fires;

• The use of bicycles or any motor vehicle;

• The practice of sports that can cause disturbances in the ecology and geology of the Mountain;

• The practice of any acts that disturb the ecological balance of the site;

• Camping, being only allowed to spend the night in the crater.


Access to the mountain can be sealed to visitors in the following situations:

a) Due to safety reasons, resulted from a warning by the Regional Government department responsible for civil protection issues;

b) To persons who do not bring suitable equipment for the trail;

c) To persons who show signs of psychological disturbance, alcoholism or being under the effect of psychotropic substances;

d) To persons carrying infant in arms;

e) To persons accompanied by pets.



• Transport with you at least 1,5 liters of water, high energy food (energy bars, chocolates, etc.);

• Use proper equipment to adverse weather: warm clothes, waterproof jacket, beanie, gloves, mountain boots;

• Stay within the trail and have the good sense to return if the weather conditions change;

• You must keep the GPS locator that will always be provided to you on and in a dry location that allows good reception of GPS and GSM signal. The locator must be in a place of easy access if necessary to contact you;

• You should follow the recommendations or impositions made by Pico Nature Park or the Madalena Fire Department.


The recommendations and interdictions set in this notice are in accordance with the Access Regulation to Pico Mountain, approved by the Regional Legislative Decree No. 25/2020 of 11 March and are aimed to the preservation of the Pico Mountain Nature Reserve and guarantee safety and comfort to all those who perform its climbing.

In the winter be responsible and always take into account your security and the difficulty of the climb combined with the great climatic instability that exists in Pico Mountain, in this season.