Mountain's House


The Mountain’s House (CM) is an obligatory stop at Pico Mountain. Its main goal is to support those who want to make the climb to the mountain and to make the registration and control in accordance with the regulation.

The CM is complemented by a bar with panoramic views, where you can taste some products of local gastronomy while recovering from the effort expended on the way up or simply listen to the stillness of nature and enjoy the magnificent scenery that embraces the entire west coast of Pico and the Faial Island.

It provides information on the geology, biology, history, climate and legal framework of the Nature Reserve of Pico Mountain, in information panels and in movie format, which can be viewed in the auditorium.


Code of Conduct in Pico Mountain, click here



Information, support and registration of the climbs to the mountain; Auditorium; Film/documentary projection; Souvenir shop; Cafeteria; ATM/VISA payment; Accessible toilet; Parking lot.


Opening Times

16 October to 30 April

Every day > 08h00 - 18h00


01 - 31 May | 01 - 15 October

Monday to Thursday > 08h00 - 20h00

08h00 Friday - 20h00 Sunday > open without interruption


01 June to 30 September

Every day > 24 hours


The management company reserves the right to close the establishment, according to the weather conditions.



Taxes to climb the Pico Mountain:

Autonomous climb: 10€

Autonomous climb for "Amigo dos Parques" cardholder: 5€

Climb with registered entities such as tourist entertainment companies, travel agencies, proprietary or operating companies of tourist enterprises and nature tourism enterprises, through a Mountain Guide: 5€

Climb with companies referred previously that are Parks Partners or the visitor is "Amigo dos Parques" cardholder: 2,50€

Access to Pico Pequeno/Piquinho for autonomous climb: additional tax of 2€

Access to Pico Pequeno/Piquinho with Mountain Guide: free

Climb to Furna Abrigo: 2€

Climb to Furna Abrigo for “Amigo dos Parques” cardholders: free

Children up to 12 years old: free


Children up to 12 years old need adult supervision.


Tracking equipment (GPS):

It is given to each visitor a tracking equipment. At the time the tracking equipment is provided, visitors can choose to pay an exclusion of liability tax in case of damage, in the amount of 25€.

Not returning the equipment or damaging it, when the exclusion of liability tax was not paid, requires the payment of the following values:

Not returning the GPS with exclusion of liability tax: 250€

Not returning the GPS without exclusion of liability tax: 275€

Damage of the GPS without exclusion of liability tax: 275€



Address: Caminho Florestal nº 9, Candelária, 9950 Madalena

E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone: (+351) 967 303 519


Getting there

Leaving from the Madalena's church and going southwest towards the building of the Post Office (CTT), go about 1 km until you reach a junction where you must turn left following the signs indicating "Montanha” (Mountain). Follow this road for about 12 km and you will find on the right a secondary road which you must follow, without making any detour for about 5 km until you find, on the right, a stone building, the Mountain’s House.


GPS Coordinates

38º28'13,89'' N | 28º28'35,33'' W