Islands Natural Parks offer economic advantages for its Partners

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The Regional Secretary for the Environment and the Sea said, this Friday at the Monitoring and Investigation Center of Furnas, that the parks in each of the Azorean Islands are the object of a promotional campaign that had its beginning today in São Miguel.

In presenting the program "Natural Park - Partners for Sustainability," Álamo Meneses argued that corporate entities may qualify as a partner of the Islands Natural Parks, in business areas such as tourism, transport, agri-food sector and restore.

Annouced, therefore, was created a voucher scheme for customers of the partners of the Natural Parks of the Azores to obtain discounts on visits to the structures of nature conservation areas, outside the urban areas.

Noted also that the partners of the parks can create their own packages of visits that typically are associated with hotels, restaurants and in some cases, travels, making easier to the customer to purchase a stay in the Azores, with the advantage of the respective ticket already includes visits to the structures of the Island Natural Park.

Biodiversity and geodiversity of these islands are elements of our identity, heritage that requires a careful, permanent and sustainable management so that nothing gets lost and is a useful legacy for future generations.

Thus, to preserve such precious natural treasure, the Azores Regional Government created the Islands Natural Parks in the archipelago.

This structure allows the management of the territory oriented for the diversity conservation and the sustainable use of natural resources in order to boost tourism and well-being of populations.