Open Park - Tour to the “Whale Boat House”


Bote O_Corvino
The Natural Park of Corvo promoted, in the range of the program Open Park, a guided visit to the recently constructed “Whale Boat House”, equipment that will perpetuate the historical memory of whaling activities of Corvo.

Built next to the cultural auditorium - Multipurpose of Corvo, it is equipped with three computers that more than lead the visitors to experiences of the past in the island, through 500 photographs of Prince Albert I of the Monaco, collected during his visits to the Azores.

The “Whale Boat House” was constructed with pine wood, to replicate the small old houses of whaling boats, characteristic of the Capelinhos, in the island of the Faial, being the soil simple pebble rocks.

The activity was carried through on Saturday, March 15, the visitors had been able to appreciate a small whaling boat, constructed in 1965 named “the Corvino”, in honour of one old small boat of the island, acquired from the island of Graciosa by Corvo´s Town Hall and restored on the island of Pico, a way to preserve the historical memory of the past whalers of Corvo.

The participants exceeded three sets of ten, beyond visiting the boat house , they also had a chance to attend the explanation given by the former Mayor Manuel Rita about how the boat was manoeuvred, how the whalers went about localizing the whales ,the boat´s functions and all the intricate details aboard, as well as how this was very important to the people living on all nine islands of the Azores at that time.

The activity counted with the partnerships of the National Body of Scouts (CNE) – Group 1181 of Corvo, Portuguese Society for the Study of Birds (SPEA) and City council of Corvo, through the program “Corvo in Movement”.